empowerThis feature picture speaks volumes to me right now. I have made the mistake in many occasions of comparing myself to other people. In today’s society your beauty is determined by how many “Likes and/or Attention” you receive on certain social networking sites such as  Instagram &  Facebook. Therefore with the added attention a lot of women make it their business to dress to impress their followers instead of being themselves. Speaking from my heart I’ve struggled with my self-esteem stemming from the time of my early teens. I had acne & braces at the time & the first boy I dated made me feel like the ugliest person he had ever seen. He also compared my looks to a then best friend saying he heard she was much “prettier”. So needless to say that moment has haunted me most of my teenage & adult life. It’s a constant battle to retrain your brain to feel & think differently about yourself when you believed what 1 person thought of you. Today I actually considered shutting down my personal Instagram page because I’m having another 1 of those moments with my esteem. We don’t have a choice on how we are genetically made but I will say God makes no mistakes. A work in process is what I am but I do know I’m a beautiful person on the inside.