10458823_10152325691848791_3834687139906686492_nNatural Badazz of the Day is none other than Author of “Confessions of a Former Fat Girl” Rosie Amor. Rosie sheds light on many issues all of us women go through such as bad relationships. Ms. Amor also opens up about her relationship with food. Here is a brief excerpt from her latest book “Confessions of a Former Fat Girl”: (I’ve been in several bad relationships in my life, but none as lengthy as the bad relationship I had with food. Sometimes it’s hard to see when you’re in an unhealthy relationship. It can sometimes trick you and often disguises itself. I used to ask myself, “How can something so good, be so bad?” The euphoria I would feel after eating a red velvet cupcake with homemade cream cheese icing was better than sex. The only difference was after the euphoric feeling disappeared, there was no one to hold me. Once the scale tipped over three-hundred pounds, I stop counting. I wouldn’t dare weigh myself; that meant I would have to face reality. I ignored every part of my body except my face. I figured as long as I wore make-up and had beautiful hair, people would disregard my size. My obesity dates back to childhood. I shopped in the pretty-plus section in department stores because I was too big to wear regular sized children clothing. I suffered from depression, which caused me to eat and seclude myself from family and friends. I always felt like an outcast and I built up a wall around myself with a nasty attitude to go along with it. Medically, I had high blood pressure, I was border line diabetic and my knees and feet hurt from all the excess weight. It was not until I lost my grandmother, mother and uncle to heart disease that I decided that I needed to end my love affair. I was faced with a harsh reality; it was time to break up.) Rosie has taken control of her life by adopting a new lifestyle which includes exercise & better food choices. Looking fabulous & feeling free Rosie’s hairstyle of choice is a sexy tapered TWA. To maintain her natural mane she uses Miss Jessie products & Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. The lovely Rosie Amor~