MeI wanted to take a moment to answer some of the questions I’ve received in regards to my blog. First and foremost thanks for taking the time to visit and/or view this blog. WordPress to whom this blog is hosted by, the website itself has various package deals that works best for you. My graphic design is something I paid for. The page set up was simple WordPress has free templates that are available to use without paying a lot of money for. I have an Instagram account which is Naturally_A_Rockstarr and my Twitter page is @NaturallyARocks. Lastly my advice is to find something that you’re passionate about & set up a blog in regards to that particular topic. I’m new to the “Natural Hair World” (meaning no chemicals in my hair). I’m a lover of fashion & the various ways you can style your hair to coordinate with your attire. I feature & celebrate various musical artists that wear their hair “natural” and/or “natural hair styles”. Also I promote small businesses. Stay tuned for more in 2015!