About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting the most creative woman I have ever known. Jakissia Robinson has a unique talent for crocheting. From dresses, skirts, shirts, hats, scarves etc. Fan’Nique Crochet Creations is the name of her brand. I have featured numerous photos of Jakissia’s designs. Currently she started a GoFundMe campaign asking for support so that she may be able to continue designing couture crochet creations. Please read her bio below & donate to great small business venture!

Hello! My name is Jakissia Robinson. I enjoy crocheting and sharing the gift as well. I also like to donate my items to various awareness organizations and attending fashion events. My reason for raising money will be use for travel, purchase of supplies/equipment such as : Yarn, needles & beading, etc. Please support crochet fashion!! http://www.gofundme.com/lxi434

Fanique Crochet 4