Shayla was a straight arrow, a follow the rules kind of chic, with an overprotective father. One night she decided to take her friend up on her offer and go out clubbing. That’s when she meets, Qualyn. Qualyn Stevens is an upcoming hustler with the ability to become head of his own Empire, but there’s one cardinal rule that he broke that could prevent his reign; he falls for the daughter of his boss and mentor, the ruthless and infamous Jamal Turner; her name is Shayla.

When Jamal gets wind, he forbids their relationship with a sharp tongue and gives both Shayla and Qualyn orders to stay far away from each other. However, curiosity peeks, and, as far as the two lovebirds were concerned, what Jamal didn’t know wouldn’t hurt.

After months of secretly dating, both Shayla and Qualyn grow tired of creepin’, and Qualyn musters the courage to tell Jamal what they’ve been up to and how he really feels about his daughter. Needless to say, the news didn’t sit well with Jamal one bit. Whether it was a violation of his daughter’s innocence, or the principals of the game, or both, Jamal was irate and vowed to show Qualyn why “there are levels to this ish”. Will all hell break loose or will love prevail?

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