Tricia Campbell Frenchie Philomena Nakitende Esther Gabi FreshModels (T) to (B): Tricia Campbell, Frenchie Davis, Philomena Kwao, Nakitende Esther & Gabi Fresh!

It’s refreshing to see women of curvy and/or voluptuous body types embrace the sheer beauty of their bodies. I myself am a product of women on both sides of my family that are curvy/plus size build. Our body structure includes: Large breasts, thick thighs, round bottoms, wide hips & weight in the abdominal area(guts).  Women of all shapes/sizes are beautiful and should be respected as such. When complimenting a beautiful voluptuous woman these words should never be spoken (You’re pretty for a big girl…she’s pretty for a big girl). This is insulting to say the least. Lastly love yourself no matter what society’s standards of beauty is perceived to be.

Be bold, dare to be sexy, live your truth, be fearlessly you……