Happy Monday Rockstarrs,

I wanted to change up flow regarding my (Man Crush Monday) to (Model Crush Monday). Say hello to my first ‘Model Crush” candidate, Christopher Mazyck! Enjoy the feature!

Christopher 2

Christopher Mazyck his got start in the business of acting and modeling about three years ago when he moved to New York. He was inspired to start a career in something he had confidence in and could excel at. Christopher always been a performer, although he is an introvert at heart. Once he knew he had your attention, all his shyness would disappear. In high school Christopher was apart of numerous drama clubs/performing arts activities which helped lead him into the craft of acting. Modeling came along when the right connections introduced him to agencies which therefore led to bookings in the field. Christopher knew God had his hand in the situation and knew there were mistakes made along the way. Yet Christopher was determined to live the prosperous future he could see happening for himself in this field!

In his spare time Christopher loves to engage in physical activity such as running and lifting weight, yoga. Mr. Mazyck has a keen passion for nutrition and eating healthy and a day to day basis. Ladies there’s more Christopher is very family oriented he enjoys talking with his mother as well as other family members and spending time with friends.

ChristopherCurrently Christopher is working on several projects. Firstly he is finishing the shooting of a project(web-series)called The Dis-Illusionist written and directed by Demedrius. Also Christopher is doing heavy promoting and marketing for a six episode webseries released on Youtube call The D’Matzzis where he play Marcello in episodes 4-6. Also Christopher is in a weekly series called Poetry Xpressed where he plays a traveling gentleman conflicted with weekly trials he must endure. This is not to mention already have been featured on the show “Crazy Talk” as well as “The Meredith Vieira” Show, “Brain Games”, “I Am Homicide”, to name a few. As far as modeling Christopher is gearing up for Men’s Fashion Week this upcoming fall. Thankful for everything that has came his way thus far and am looking toward where the journey will lead!

Be sure to follow Chrisptopher on Instgram: @cmazyck

Website: http://www.ChristopherMazyck.com