Hello Rockstarrs, today I had the pleasure of speaking with a special lady by the name of Erica Ferguson. Hailing from Charlotte, NC her passion is to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle. In this interview you will learn why Erica started her company “Beasta Nutrition & Fitness” the many services her company provides & much more.

RockstarrNaturally: Can you tell me what was the motivation was behind creating Beasta Nutrition & Fitness?

Erica Ferguson: I wanted to make a program that was affordable for the people in my community. 

RockstarrNaturally: I see you have a passion for helping those whom struggle with health issues such as: diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol. Would you happen to have a personal testimony that you will like to share regarding such health issues?

Erica Ferguson: I was having health issues and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on with my body. So I thought to myself “You can actually heal yourself”. Therefore I did research of what I was actually putting in my body. I then learned how to make healthier meals. I then began exercising. The aches & pains started to fade, my energy was building up & my confidence came back.

RockstarrNaturally: What are some of the services your company provides, for instance fitness plans & healthy/clean eating tips?

Erica Ferguson: Some of the services I offer are meal plans I created for breakfast/lunch/dinner. I wanted to make the plans affordable for everyone. My first weekly meal plan starts at $10. Another plan offered is a $15 weekly package that includes (a health consultation along with a questionnaire, 5 day meal plan & midweek phone motivation access). Finally I have a $20 package that includes (a health consultation, meal plan for the week & 1 hour outdoor workout session on Saturdays). Furthermore I provide all natural healthy products such as a foot detox, smoothies for hands/feet, eczema & psoriasis just to name a few. The only healthy eating tip I suggest for people is to stay away from salt, sugar white breads, rice & flour.

RockstarrNaturally: How often do you communicate with your clients so that they may maintain motivation with their personal fitness regiments?

Erica Ferguson: I reach out to my clients quite often. On Sundays my meal plans go out to the clients by 9 AM. Mondays which is called Motivation Mondays I post messages online, tag my clients on Instagram. Starting on Friday of the upcoming week I have something new called Family Fun Fridays where I would have the clients post pictures/videos on their social media of them singing & dancing. 

RockstarrNaturally: Lastly, can you tell me the goal you would like to achieve for your company Beasta Nutrition & Fitness?

Erica Ferguson: My main goal is to do what I’m purposed to do. At the end of the day it’s not about me, I’m willing to put myself on the line for my people. This is why I try to make everything affordable. I’m not trying to get rich by no means, I’m all about the betterment of my people. I walked away from my job of 7 years which I have to say has been worth it.


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