What can we learn from a lady born and raised in Nigeria?  It seems we can find solutions to age-old issues with eczema, dry skin problems and acne.  Christabel Agbonkonkon, now a transplant to Wexford, Pennsylvania has a mission to transform the natural skin and hair care industry.  Or at least solve some of the problems those with skin conditions experience today.  Christabel has launched a new line of organic skin and hair care products called Ganicx Naturals.  Her products are handcrafted with organic, natural oils and vitamins.  Her message is clear: “Don’t put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth.  If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t wear it.”  


Christabel, who loves everything organic and natural, shops at local farms and buys food from Amish auctions, and does her own canning for the family.  But even using organic and natural foods did not solve the skin problems her children were experiencing with acne, eczema and slow hair growth.  She got to work, using her science background and began to search for solutions.  She started making skin and hair cleansing products to address her children’s needs.  The products provided significant results and the word began to get out that she was on to something.

The essential oil rich products are a must have for all families!

She is now on kickstarter to raise funds to enable her purchase equipment for producing the products.

So head on over, show your support and get her amazing products in return.  

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