9fb2d4bf2a58582bb9db7db392dcf192 b5f860ad137e8b4ed401cd50e6843bfe d-iyanu-womens-african-print-ankara-high-waist-full-skirt-s-white-pink-blue_1058605Contrary to those whom believe that “African Print Closing” is the newest fade and/or trend. Here’s a bit of information these prints have been around for years. The difference is this style of clothing  has attracted worldwide attention. There are a wide range of pieces that are amazingly suited for any occasion. For instance: the high waist skirts, pants, blazers, tops, the dresses, jumpsuits, handbags and custom fabric accessories. The list is endless. Honored to see woman of color embrace their “African Heritage” in such a fantastic way. Also with the “Fall Season” making its grand entrance as of September 22, I plan to make a few purchases from black owned businesses. Nevertheless I’m a firm supporter of small business companies that are black owned. It’s very important to support your own. In closing below listed is the names & website link information below for “Authentic African Print Clothing”. Enjoy!


Website: https://www.zuvaa.com

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Instagram: @shopzuvaa


Website: https://www.dashikipride.com/

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Instagram: @DashikiPride


Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MuurSwagg

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