This past September I started working with the best brand developer around. Since then I really began to focus on growing my followers via Instagram. Once the necessary changes were made for instance my content & hash tags, I began to see the growth. Instagram’s climate and/or attention span is very fickle to say the least. Therefore I had to grind extra hard posting my content between 4-5 times a day. Needless to say once I was on the verge of my goal of 1000 followers, opposition reared its ugly head. During this turning point, I made a Facebook post letting my friends know what I was up against and can they pray for me. Needless to say the support came in droves. I finally made my target goal and more during the early hours of Saturday morning(November 5th). There comes a point in your life when you literally have to get over yourself and allow people to help you. For someone like me whom is very independent by nature I had to do what was best for my brand. Glad I made the right decision. Lastly when you’re trying to do something positive or striving to be great be prepared for bumps/road blocks along the way. Most importantly you must have the determination to keep going until your goals are attained. Celebrate every milestone no matter how big or how small.