Today marks 3 weeks since I had my current fall “Protective Style” Box Braids installed. I can tell the difference in my braids because they have become heavy. Which only means that within 3 weeks my hair has grown. As a result I can now create all sorts of styles for my braids. In the featured collage I channeled my inner Mel B. aka Scary Spice with the two side by side knots. I really got a kick out of those needless to say (Laughing). The next style was my version of “I Dream of Genie” look. Thinking I may repeat this style again it was very simple and easy. Lastly as a kid I always loved when my mother would make my hair in one big side ponytail. Always thought I was extra cute with that style. While playing in my hair I figured let me attempt to pull my braids up in a side ponytail. Let’s just say this was a bad idea.


Apparently my neck could only take but so much because of the pressure from the braids, yet the style was accomplished. Nevertheless I had to take the  out quickly. I may try the side ponytail again but this time I will leave out some hair to hang  down in the back. Caring for any “Protective Style” has its challenges. Scalp irritation from your hair being tightly braided/twisted causes a lot of itching especially around your hairline. Depending on the brand of synthetic hair you use for example Kanekalon Hair. This brand of hair causes major irritation. It’s been suggested prior to getting braids/twists installed with  Kanekalon Hair that you soak the hair in 1 part apple cider vinegar 3 parts of hot water. Make sure that you fill sink (preferably the bathroom sink) with enough hot water to cover the synthetic hair. Once the hair is added to the hot water/apple cider vinegar mixture, the hair is to soak for about 15 minutes. The end result is the residue (Alkaline) from the synthetic hair floats at the top of the water/vinegar mixture. Once this method is complete you would rinse and allow the synthetic hair to hang dry. Furthermore I wish I knew about this method years ago but there’s nothing like the present. Great thing for me is I use a better brand & grade of synthetic hair for “Protective Styles”. The less irritation the better. Another tip for dealing with scalp irritation a great product to use which I learned from a very knowledgeable Naturalista is “Sea Breeze”. Yes you read that right “Sea Breeze” is useful for pre-poo scalp treatment great for “Protective Styles” etc. In the winter, treatment of the scalp a couple of times a week helps prevent and palliate scalp itch problems. 

Will post more hair features soon….stay tuned!