Today was a great day celebrating Small Business Saturday. I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful natural hair meet-up this afternoon. Good vibes, great people, vendors, food, live demos & tutorials. It’s A Natural Thang’s founder Tamiah Bridgett is the most giving, gracious, loving, innovative woman I have ever met. So important to surround yourself around women whom can motivate you to reach your highest potential. She uses her platform as a catalyst to introduce to the world some of the most creative entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh. Through It’s A Natural Thang meet-up events this how met a wide range of brilliant women.

Which motivated me so much so I wanted to follow Tamiah Bridgett’s lead by using my platform to be a blessing to an upcoming African Print brand by the name of Weyone Style. As of a week ago I posted their first feature ever and I’m proud to announce the founder Isatu Rogers was so elated as well as very appreciative. There is no greater feeling knowing you were a blessing to someone whom needed a little support to bring awareness to their small business venture.

When I support anyone I’m very genuine about. Not looking for anything in return. I am in the midst of making my goals & aspirations come true for this blog along with another business venture. Everyone needs some form of support or a little motivation it can go a long way. Therefore when I make a purchase from my favorite small business lady bosses not only am I investing in their brand but I also wear and promote their apparel wholeheartedly. Weyone Style followed my Instagram page therefore I like to visit the accounts of those whom follow my social media to view their pictures. It was something different about their African Print Apparel that was very intriguing to me. Not to mention there are numerous African Print Clothing accounts all over social media such as: Dashiki Pride, Zabba Designs LLC, Muurswag, Zuvaa, Grass_Fields, L’aviye, All Things Ankara etc.

In essence, I wanted to support a smaller account via Instagram and learn more about Weyone Style. Needless to say I’m very pleased that I did. Isatu Rogers contacted me because she wanted to show her appreciated by sending me something very exclusive. Ms. Rogers asked about my measurements and submitted the information regarding the tracking number for my pending shipment. Of course I was beyond excited to see what was coming in the mail. Feeling like a little kid on Christmas day my package had finally arrived in perfect timing. For the most part anytime I receive a gift from my favorite lady bosses I am more than thankful for their token of esteem. Just let’s me know that I’ve done something right or I was helpful in some way. weyone-style-feature-2The two featured pictures as shown above is what was sent to me personally from Isatu Rogers!!! All in all I felt honored to receive such an stylish jacket as this. Not only did I receive the Ankara Jacket but I got the matching Necklace & Earrings all made from the same fabric. Not only were the colors within the Ankara Jacket perfect but also very vibrant. The only possible color to accent this jacket was “Black” as can be seen. Plus every woman knows that “Black” has a tendency to make your look slimmer in certain places where we try to hide the most (laughs).

In addition, once I arrived to the natural hair meet-up this afternoon the compliments were flowing from every direction. There are times when I can be very modest about my appearance. Give a little blush when receiving compliments, softly say “Thank You”. In the same fashion there times when I feel extra good about myself which has happened a lot lately after turning “40” this year. The compliments that are given to me now my response is totally different for example: “Who me, really, I didn’t know until you told me, thanks so much Queen”. Wearing this exclusive jacket from Weyone Style made me feel like a “Queen” on a throne ready to handle business with style & grace. Or in other words should I say a “Natural Badass”!!

In conclusion, I have enjoyed Small Business Saturday.  As stated previously great day, good vibes, awesome vendors, informative headwrapping tutorial, live demo oh yeah we nailed the Mannequin Challenge (Yasss). What better way to support Small Business Saturday than to wear fabulous jacket from a new upcoming small business brand Weyone Style.

Be sure to follow Weyone Style via Instagram: @weyonestyle

Visit the website: http://www.weyonestyle.net