Hello Lovies,

As I write this blog post thinking about the good & the bad of 2016. In retrospect, this year had its rewarding highs and yet some disappointing lows. For the most part I like to concentrate on the positive. The opening of this year I celebrated another milestone birthday “40”. Turning “40” has been the best birthday thus far. Not to mention I started a new chapter of my life but with the new milestone everything in my life has changed. I’ve evolved in such a liberating way. I love this new person that I have become. The life changing experiences through my 20’s and 30’s birthed me into the woman I am today. The time has come for me to enjoy life. Therefore I worked extra hard to obtain a passport because 2017 is the year of travel. I have been in “survival mode” for 18 years now it’s time to live life.

In essence, I accomplished a lot of goals I set for 2016. I updated my logo for my brand as well as having my name registered & trademarked. Secondly I also humbled myself to allow people to help me reach my highest potential regarding my brand. I’m working with the best female brand developer ever. She has helped me in so many ways & I couldn’t be more blessed. As a matter of fact sometimes you have to let your guard down a little to let people in which has been a challenge because of my independence. In addition I have learned so much more about branding, growing your followers on your social media sites etc. that I wasn’t aware of before. I look forward to more opportunities to come in 2017 with her assistance. As a result I’m pleased with progress that has been made so far. It’s time for Rockstarr Naturally to reach a new level.

In any event, the decision was made to free myself away from toxic people and situations this year. The plans that the Lord has in store for you, everyone can’t go. In the long run, try to surround yourself around like minded individuals whom share the same ideas or that can be a source of motivation in some way. You don’t have time to spend dealing with wishy/washy people whom don’t have dreams or aspirations like you may have. Those people will drain the hell out of you if you let them. To sum up my newfound circle of associates are female entrepreneurs. The women that I have met in the past few years are some of the most creative & innovative people you would want to have in your life. Everyone needs encouragement and/or motivation. Generally speaking, I’m very supportive of the female entrepreneurs genuinely. Whether it maybe hand crafted earrings, body butters, paintings, lip gloss, hair care products, African Print apparel, T-shirt apparel etc. I also promote their brand. Overall the appreciation speaks for itself.

One experience that was a disappointment this year was I became a fan of an up & coming artist whom I believed in his ability & talent. I considered him a new music crush. I enjoyed his music very much. Also it was very refreshing he would communicate with his followers/supporters but then at some point things changed. I will say this I supported him for his singing ability and his raw talent that’s all. Again when I show my support to someone I’m very genuine about it. In summary, the choice was made for me to fall back and leave him be. One thing about me once I get the feeling, vibe, energy from a person that doesn’t want me around I know how to leave well enough alone. Sad to say he lost a fan. Truthfully I wish him all the best because at the end of the day you have to give credit where credit is due he is very talented and deserving of all blessings. Nevertheless when disappointments arise the key is to stay strong; have a relationship with the Lord above to keep you centered & focused.

In conclusion, financially 2016 has been a disappointing year. Once you make the decision that you want to create something lucrative for your future all hell breaks loose. There are so many more things I would like to accomplish with my brand by the end of the year. Unfortunately financially I’m not able to do so at this time. Which can be very frustrating, overall I may have to end the year with unfinished projects. At least, I had the opportunity to achieve most of my goals. By the same token at my age, starting off over, getting used to a routine, learning a new job then to be laid off has been such a drag. The sad reality is we all have a plan how we think our lives should be consequently life situations has a way of shattering those plans. Through my learning experiences as an adult you to have to stay in the present take one day at a time. Unfortunate for someone like me whose mind is constantly thinking in the future it’s hard to stay in the present. 2016 thank you for all the lessons that you taught me the good, the bad & the disappointing. My goal for the last 32 days of this year is start cleansing which will include mind, body and spirit. Something new I’m going to try is the burning of “Sage”. It’s my mission to enter into a new year totally free from all negativity to prepare what blessings are to come. I will be open and ready to receive all of what God has for me and my brand in 2017……..