Goddess Locs/Faux Locs have been the most popular “Protective Style” of 2016. Unfortunately for me I didn’t get the opportunity to have them installed this year. Even celebrities have been heavily influenced by the Goddess Locs/Faux Locs style. Throughout the year I have featured quite a few celebrities as “Hair Crushes” such as Eva Marcille, Tyra Banks, Lisa Leslie, Meagan Good, Rihanna & Gabrielle Dennis.

To achieve a stunning set of Goddess Locs/Faux Locs, there are 2 options Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair. Of course Human Hair is more expensive as oppose to Synthetic Hair, but using Human Hair will give your Goddess Locs/Faux Locs a more natural appearance and/or natural sheen unlike the Synthetic Hair. Remember the quality of hair being used is very important. In other words, “You have to pay to slay”!

Curiosity got the best of me so after doing some intensive research the installation of Goddess Locs/Faux Locs is very time consuming. There are a few steps you have to take before the style is complete. First  and foremost your hair is braided into individual or box braids. Next you have to take the hair of choice whether it’s Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair and wrap it around each braid in order to create the visual of Locs. Trust me this process takes hours depending your stylist. One stylist out of Atlanta, GA by the name of “Sunshine” is a straight beast with Goddess Locs/Faux Locs. Be sure to follow her on Instagram: @wavychip to be in awe of her skills.

For someone like me whom can’t stand sitting in a chair for no longer than 4 hours the second method is “Crocheting”. Installing Goddess Locs/Faux Locs by the way of “Crocheting” can cut down the installation time in half. Which will also give you the same appealing effect.

People's Choice Awards 2016 held at the Microsoft Theatre L.A. Live - Arrivals Featuring: Meagan Goode Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 06 Jan 2016 Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Meagan Good I have to say is my favorite celebrity whom was the initial trend setter for the Goddess Locs. When Meagan first featured the Goddess Locs at the end of 2015 early 2016, my mouth dropped and I had to find out more about them. What was so alluring about the Locs themselves is the fact they looked very natural. I love how she switched up by tapering the sides of her hair to create a whole new trend with the Goddess Locs. Meagan has inspired other celebrities such as Eva Marcille, Tyra Banks among others in the industry.


Ever since I featured the next celebrity which is Eva Marcille with the Goddess Locs, my blog has been receiving massive views. Actually she happens to be one of the top searched and/or viewed posts. I love the cinnamon brown color of Eva’s Goddess Locs. Eva Marcille has created her own trend with the Goddess Locs. She has incorporated adding stunning gold hair jewels to her Locs. Ms. Marcille has also adorned her Goddess Locs by wearing Headwraps as well as Top Knots to change things up a bit.


Last but not least Tyra Banks looked simply amazing with Goddess Locs. Let’s be serious there isn’t a hair style that doesn’t look splendid on the legendary model. Tyra took a more subtle approach with her Goddess Locs by casually doing a small swoop in the front allowing the rest of the Locs to flow. Not too much styling for Tyra, she kept the Locs nice and simple. Being the mogul  & mother that Ms. Banks is, a basic style always work.

In summary these are my 3 tops picks who represented the most popular “Protective Style” of 2016. In your opinion which one of these ladies rocked Goddess Locs the best: Meagan Good, Eva Marcille or Tyra Banks……