Hello Lovies,

I know I’m not the only person whom feels like 2016 can’t end any faster. I’m not even in the holiday spirit. For instance, I like to listen to some of my most favorite Christmas songs to usher in the spirit of Christmas but after 3 songs I was pretty much over it. I truly believe that the result of the election has really ruined the spirit of Christmas. So many lives have been taken away from us in 2016, from our favorite musical influences, police brutality as well as gun violence. But I digress January will truly mark a new beginning. After being on unemployment for a whole 3 months I will be starting a new job in another field which I’m looking forward to. I can take the time to clear up the unfinished projects that I will be ending 2016 with.  Not to mention making some upgrades to my blog as well as my social media sites Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. January also is my birthday month, as I stated previously entering the “40” club has been such a sexy experience. I don’t really care for the term “40” is the new “20”. By no means do I want to be in my 20’s again. (Laughing) I’m ready to see what “41” has to offer.

One task I’m looking to indulge into is creating a vision board for 2017. I’ve heard some many positive things about them and I would like to give a try. Bringing my vision to the forefront will motivate me to achieve new goals I’m putting in motion. By the same token, travel is something that has to be done. As an Aquarius Female being stagnate for too long drives me absolutely crazy. There is whole world out there that must be visited. So many countries I’m hoping to travel too such as; France (Paris), Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Dubai, South Africa, Brazil, UK (London) as well as the islands within the Caribbean!

In essence, 2017 for me will represent the year of “Restoration & Redemption”. Generally speaking I’m coming for everything that my God has for me. As it is written “your latter days will be better than your former days”. I rest my hope on this piece of scripture because of the many trials and tribulations that I endured during my 20’s & 30’s. During those moments of uncertainty every so often I would lose hope. Not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, numerous dark days. Many tears were shed I felt like I was being punished and I would yearn for my deceased mother and best friend. With all those tests, the determination that flows within me wouldn’t allow me to quit. As has been noted restoration and redemption is evident.

In addition, first thing in the morning on December 31st I will practice burning sage for the first time. The release of all negative energy is very important. Consequently this year, I’ve had too many experiences with phony vibes and weird energies from people. For the most part I can pick up on a person’s vibe and/or energy quickly. Doesn’t matter how far or how near you are to me once I get that unsettling feeling, I will back off instantly. At “40” almost “40+” there is no room for games. Through experience you learn how to deal with rejection from people easily, the bounce back is simple & quick. In 2017 I’m expecting good vibes only. Inhale positive exhaling negativity. Protecting your spirit is something that everyone should take into consideration. When building a brand, you have to remain focused at all times. Of course there will be some trying moments but you have to fight hard to keep a positive attitude. Furthermore never allow anyone to transfer their negative energy onto you.

Moreover the goals & ideas that I have for my brand will be kept under wraps. The only person whom will know anything is my brand developer. Strategic planning is underway, as I’m writing this post my mind is already moving a million miles a minute. In closing, my mission is to enter into a new year with my heart wide open and ready to receive all that is in store for me. Only tears I want to fall from my eyes are tears of happiness and joy.