It started in 1983 when a cousin of mine introduced me to this group. At the time I was so in love with Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson released his “Thriller” video I was never the same. When you’re “7” years old everything you see on TV, you believed it was real. Needless to say Michael scared me half to death & I was done with him. (Laughs)

New Edition was fresh on the scene at the time,  I took one look at the album cover and was in love. Then when I listened to “Candy Girl” that was all she wrote. Ralph Tresvant was my first crush in the group, I mean he was the one whose voice I was enthused with. At the age of “9” I went to my first New Edition concert. I was so excited to see them. The opening act for the show was  the talented trio by the name of UTFO. My mom and myself sat up in the balcony of the venue where the concert took place. Once New Edition got on the stage my young life was forever changed. One of my memories from my first New Edition experience was when the group was singing ” Lost In Love” and Ralph Tresvant laid on the stage kicking his legs while singing. The crowd went crazy, we were all screaming & cheering.

The next time the group came back to my city I was about “10” years old, but it was only four members in the group. At that point Ronnie DeVoe was my crush in the group. Never knew the actual reason why Bobby Brown left the group but still supported the group throughout my teenage years. I remember when it was announced on the local radio station in my city that New Edition was coming to town, I worked my butt off in school so I could get a ticket to their show.

Needless to say when Bobby Brown emerged as a solo artist, I had my own illicit lover affair with him.(In my mind) Bobby was so raw and energetic, how drove us teenage girls crazy. His dance moves, pelvic thrusts would send me in a frenzy. Over the years he’s been labeled as an “Liability”. Being an “Aquarius” there are a few characters that we possess that can get us in trouble most times. Our inner rebellion and independence causes us at times to act out. Aquarians don’t like being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it etc. Strong authority is a problem for us. As a result being the free spirit that he is, Bobby had to find his own way. It worked for him but also caused his demise. Moreover, Bobby Brown still carries a lot of resentment towards the group because he always bring up how he was kicked out the group. His methods may not have been the best thing for the group as a whole the show had to go on.

Next, “NE Heartbreak” Johnny Gill enters the group. I knew of Johnny from the work he did with a fellow singer from Washington D.C. by the name of Stacy Lattisaw. So I was familiar with his voice. I will admit at the time I thought Johnny was too old for the group but his presence brought a more mature sound and it worked.

Consequently the group later went their separate ways. While Ralph, Bobby & Johnny were doing their thing as solo artists, the other 3 fellas were left to figure out their next move. Well B.B.D(Bell Biv DeVoe) was birthed. What B.B.D. brought to the industry was totally unexpected and out of the structured nature of New Edition. “Poison” still to this day will make people get on the dance floor. I absolutely loved everything Rickey, Ronnie & Mike did in the early 90’s. From the graffiti air brushed clothing, rocking their clothes inside/out, boots, fitted caps etc. B.B.D created a fashion trend like no other. Their music was Hip-Hop smoothed out on the R&B tip with a pop feel appeal to it!!! Can’t forget about their live performances. The group’s lockers were set up at the corner of the stage. During a brief intermission instead of going backstage to change their outfits, B.B.D enticed the crowd by changing on stage.

In summary, there were several attempts to get all 6 members together to tour but with each artist whom were used to being solo it wasn’t a great gesture. All in all there is still a deep love & respect among these fellas. Fast forward to 2016, finally New Edition is prepping for a biopic set to air on BET as a six-hour, three-night miniseries Jan. 24-26. An exclusive sneak preview of “The New Edition story” will screen in Boston Jan. 7. Finally my loves will receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 23.

In closing, I’ve been a life long fan of this group since the tender age of “7” I will be “41” in 27 days. These men still have the same effect on me now as they did when I was a little girl. It’s been an awesome journey with this group. Love them for life!