Good evening Lovies,

I’ve been extra busy with the expansion of my brand which feels so exciting. I’ve started a YouTube channel which will be a month old in a week or so. One thing about YouTube it’s a different ball game compared to other social media sites. In order for me to have my own URL I have to gain 100 or more subscribers as well as my channel has to be a month. So far I have about 32 to subscribers which is a great start. Generally speaking, I’m trying not expect a vast amount of subscribers at once. With YouTube there is so much more that you have to invest your money in to have successful professional looking video footage. From video editing, creative backgrounds, lighting, music etc.

All things considered I have about 74 views for the 4 videos I have posted thus far. My brand developer & myself have been putting together some great ideas for upcoming videos featuring trendy, jewelry accessories, clutch bags, shoes just to name a few. On Wednesday March 8th, I will post a video of some great affordable fashion accessories & more. In fact no only will I feature some of the hottest fashion apparel/accessories but I will provide product reviews. Normally I’m someone who is more of a behind the scenes type of person. In light of creating this YouTube channel is definitely a way for me to come out of my comfort zone & experience something new.

Additionally, I feel blessed to have people in my corner whom are very encouraging that have shown great support & belief in my ability. In fact, people find it hard to believe when I tell them that I possess a shy/bashful quality about myself. The quality that I just mentioned can be a catch 22  because there are times when I like a form of attention. On the other hand, I have my moments when I don’t like a lot of attention. Go figure! (laughs)

After all you have to break free from the norm so you can live life & be open to new opportunities that can provide different avenues for creativity. Needless to say after my “41” birthday I became more eager to live my life without “FEAR”!! In the long run when I look back at my life I allowed “FEAR” to hold me back from doing a lot of things. All in all the decision was made to free myself from the chains that bond me so I can live life as my late mother wanted to me have.

In summary I would love to build an audience that will enjoy my unique commentary regarding upcoming black owned brands whether it’s hair care, skincare, fashion apparel whatever. The goal is to become the information highway to direct attention to brands that my viewers never heard of until they viewed 1 of my videos. Last but not least I will do my best posting 2 new videos a week to keep my viewers interested on new features. Below I will post the link to my YouTube channel so feel free to view my 4 current video & again make sure you tune in this Wednesday March 8th.

Sweet Dreams……………….

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