Ashanti features in Harper’s Bazaar magazine celebrating her 15th Anniversary of iconic debut album.  Below brief excerpt of article by Erica Gonzales:

On her debut album, Ashanti, turning 15 years old:

“It’s crazy. It’s an awesome feeling to know through it all—all my trials and tribulations, the obstacles, and the ups and the downs, the growing pains of the music industry—to still be here and being on tour and having people scream out your records and crying and standing on line and doing meet and greets and buying your T-shirt… it’s an incredible, humbling feeling. I’m super blessed to have an amazing team with my momager, my attorney—a team of people that I’ve known since I was 14. It’s really a blessing.”

On her musical relationship with Ja Rule:

“I think that we have a very unique relationship. I think it’s the fact that we are extremely genuine and our chemistry is so authentic. It’s real, it’s always been since day one. It just happens. We get on stage together and sometimes if we don’t see each other for a few months or a few years or whatever it is, we get back onstage and it feels like we’ve been hanging out all day. It’s been like that from the first time we ever worked together. It’s weird because it’s always been like that.

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