Good Evening Lovies,

Currently on my late night vamp session for the 5th time this week. I wanted to share how important it is to celebrate all milestones no matter how big or small. Sunday night I was working on a new face to feature as my MCM (Man Crush Monday) only later to be notified I reached my 1000th post.

To receive that notification made me smile with joy. All things considered, the whole month of March by far has been simply amazing. In essence, everything regarding my brand is beginning to flourish. Goals are being attained for instance, I’ve been grinding since mid-September to grow my follower on my Instagram page. Instagram for the most part is definitely a pain in your side. Especially when you are providing original content that flows within the same niche` as other topics.

My content is very versatile as has been noted before, keeping your audience’s attention can be gruesome tiresome work. In the long run, I kept pushing to attain my first goal of 2000+ followers last week. All in all the hours that I put in, extensive research, conference calls with my brand developer and switching hashtags every other week paid off. Generally speaking my next target goal is 5000 followers. As a result I have various ideas ready for execution for instance product reviews via my YouTube channel. I have the best brand developer in the world. Not only does she believe in my brand, she also invested in my brand by purchasing my first webcam.

In addition, I’m working on my physical appearance so that I may be able to post content featuring myself on my Instagram page. Not only can fear hold you back if you let it, but also prevent you from living up to your highest potential. Not to mention the climate on Instagram can at times make you feel in the words of the group TLC “Unpretty”!! Time & age has allowed me to be finally become comfortable in my own skin. Knowing who you are is the most powerful aspect in life.  In fact stay tuned for my most intimate blog post ever. I believe sharing your experiences can encourage & motivate others through your testimony.

In summary, in pursuit of happiness whether it may be starting a business, becoming a writer, teaching a class and/seminar etc. celebrate all small victories along the way.

Demetria J.