The most exciting thing has manifested itself today. Before I get into the celebration of a yet another milestone and/or goal attained. I’ve been setting small challenges for the Instagram page. Thinking back to when the journey began, there were so many ideas going in my head so much so I had no real direction. The last memory of followers I had in the fall of 2016 was around 560 something. As a result I began to focus wholeheartedly on the vision for my brand. Later linked up with an awesome brand developer & the rest is history. Not mention my brand developer made me set 30/60/90 day goals that I wanted to reach. In the same fashion most of the goals I put in place for each set dates were accomplished early on. Generally speaking one of my few 90 days goals was to reach 5000 followers. June 19th, 2017 5000 followers became a reality.

Every thing I’ve set my mind and focus to has blessed me abundantly. Needless to say when you mind your own business and/or stay in the lane God has set out just for you, the impossible becomes possible. Consequently I’m more inspired/motivated more than ever before. I feel like I’m just getting started. Content is everything for my brand in order to be set apart from other bloggers whom may be in the same niche` of related topics. Moreover the next step is to get my website developed by August. As well as advertising more of myself in my fashion related posts via the social media sites.

Pending challenge currently is to learn the gist of YouTube. I haven’t posted a video in a good month or so which I find to be my greatest hurdle. Some of the content posted that’s has been posted thus far is ok but not what I feel like it could be. YouTube can be very intimidating I still only have like “35” subscribers” (laughing) not going to allow it to beat me. There is too much determination running through my veins to be defeated. So far this year has been moving along in all the right places. I haven’t been truly happy in some time now but I feel a restoration is happening. Reaping my harvest at this very moment. 

In addition, a little recognition wouldn’t hurt my brand either. In the long run I would like “Rockstarr Naturally” to be the next information highway for brands that are up & coming. Whether it’s fashion related, naturally made organic skincare and/or hair care. Equally important I would like “Rockstarr Naturally” to be a catalyst to introduce new bloggers to be featured as guest blogger set for once the website is launch. In the voice of Plies “Can you hear me now bihhh…..” stay tuned!!!!