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Idris Elba has found his purpose behind the camera. Obviously, he’s fantastic in front of it, but his directorial debut in Yardie will show where his true passion lies. As our August 2017 cover star, the actor talks about his upcoming films, jammed packed schedule and love life.

Set to star in six projects this year —including Thor: Ragnarok and the fifth season of Luther— the 44-year-old was so busy, his photo shoot had to be completed in Thailand where he was training for a Muay Thai match.

Yardie is quite a semi-famous bit of English literature about a small-time pastor who comes from Jamaica and ends up embroiled in [avenging his brother’s death],” he shares about his directorial debut film. “It’s set in the late seventies, early eighties, a hotbed of Jamaican culture in London, but then crack cocaine arrives.”

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