Today is all about spotlighting some amazing women in the natural hair company. My last blog post feature was Ms. Toya Boxley-Bradley CEO/Creator of Sweet T’s Beauty. In this post I would like everyone to get to know Carmella Williams aka Carmella Marie. Carmella Williams hails from Youngstown, OH. A few years back I while as a freshly new natural I attended 1 of many natural hair meetups hosted by none other than “It’s A Natural Thang”. Carmella was one of the many vendors there I walked to her table & inquired about her products. She was so warm & welcoming we hit it off instantly. During that time her biggest seller was called “Hair Crack”. Which sadly I never had the opportunity to use because it had so many rave reviews. Nevertheless we stayed in contact via social media as well as other later meetup events here in the City of Pittsburgh.

In essence, in my previous post we just celebrated another success summer natural hair meetup as of July 8th 2017. Carmella had missed a few past events but once I knew she would be at this particular event I couldn’t wait to see her. In addition, I was able to purchase some of her “Deep Conditioner” which my hair is in desperate need of. All things considered during the summer months heat and humidity is not a naturals best friend. To say nothing of this week as I prep for a much-needed “Wash Day” I would more than likely drench my hair with Carmella Marie’s ” Deep Conditioner” In fact, this product smells so good it’s mixed with Honey Hibiscus formulated for dry & frizzy hair. This product does not contain any Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicone or Petroleum.


Featured pics Demetria J. & Carmella Marie

Below is a full list of her products:


B3 Natural Hair Cream
M2 Moisture Mist
Alabama Mix: Creamy Cleanser & Natural Conditioner
Clarifying Cleanser
Hair Lotion

If you are ever in the Youngstown, OH area be sure to check out her “Let’s Talk Hair: “The Mane Event” for Ohio Naturals Saturday, September 30 at 11 AM – 5 PM

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