Happy Sunday Lovies,

Spending the day off working on new content for the week. Here I am again celebrating yet another milestone for the Instagram page. The dawn of another month is vastly approaching. Proud to announce the preparation for my website will be in effect next month. I can’t believe it almost here. So many things are required but in the long run all the blood, sweat & tears are going to be so worth it. When building a brand you must evolve to take things to the next level. Therefore after August this site will shut down & resume on my upcoming website. Generally speaking, the goal my branding team has is to feature guest blogger on the site. In essence, the core content but will remain the same there will be just a few additions for instance a “Shop” section. During the early stages of my journey, I was thinking of producing my own T-Shirt apparel line. After some thought, my brand developer suggested to do something that would be more lucrative than T-Shirts.

As a result both agreed to feature fashion accessories for the shop section of the website. Sadly there are too many small businesses that sell T-Shirts not to mention trying to compete with these companies by figuring out catchy/trendy slogans for the Tees. Consequently the T-Shirt avenue would be too much to deal with. The “Aquarius” within in doesn’t like to follow or mimic anything from anyone else.  All things considered, there isn’t a female whom doesn’t love fashion accessories: choker, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets & so forth.

In any event, I would like to express how happy I am of what I’ve accomplished thus far. The idea of being any form of a blogger didn’t spark my interest until my late 30’s. As a new natural, I didn’t like the assumptions that were made regarding women whom decided to make healthier hair choices (Going Natural). Furthermore, the whole idea of “Natural Haired” women couldn’t be just as stylish as other women was ridiculous. Most importantly, I knew something had to be done my mind started racing with numerous ideas. As a result I created an outlet for myself. My very first endeavor was  “Naturally A Rockstarr” which launched via Blogspot in 2012/2013. The first feature was Solange. Coupled with more features of some of my favorite female artist whom are natural such as: Lalah Hathaway, Conya Doss, Choklate, Angie Stone, Goapele, Jill Scott, Joi, Leela James, Les Nubians, Hil St. Soul, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae` India.Arie & more. The more I looked at these women I began to realize just how fashionable they were with their Natural Hair. Sparks of ideas exploded in my mind with even more ideas of what I wanted to do. I can appreciate my humble beginnings even though I was all over the place. (Laughs)

In closing, you’re never too old to set your horizons on a dream that can still become a reality. God blesses everyone with dreams, talents and/or gifts. Surround yourself around people whom would love to see you advance in your career or elevating to an entrepreneur. Allow help from others who possess the same like mindedness as yourself. It can only take your higher. Pray consistently keep growing & striving for excellence.